Teach the teachers in Education for Fashion Tech

The participants are developing a fashion-tech course on a masters level within the directions of design, technology and engineering, and entrepreneurship.

The aim is to test and refine the Teacher's Toolkit, providing teachers with a set of appropriate methods and approaches to teaching and learning of fashion-tech. Consisting of different tools, such as workshops, work-based learning and interdisciplinary group work, the toolkit aims to guide and assist the teachers through open and collaborative practices to offer fashion-tech education within the EHEA.

As the participants and other teachers within the EHEA are encouraged to implement the toolkit in their work, it is expected to impact a wider audience of students to inspire them to pursue the fashion-tech field.

The next step in the project is to refine and finalise the toolkit based on the workshop results. Later on, the curriculum will be tested and improved in real-life situations to ensure that the developed courses are relevant, transferable and sustainable.