New expert at UNECE

How did you become an expert at UNECE?

“First, I registered via a portal at UNECE in order to find a relevant match. The project manager then contacted me and involved me as a temporary expert and thereafter the UNECE office in Sweden looked into my background and expertise, and now I have been named one of their official experts.”

What does it mean to be an expert there?

"This means that I can be involved in projects as an external advisor or knowledge expert in, for example, sustainable value chains or international trade, or, as in the project I’m currently involved with, traceability. But my expert role at UNECE will continue after this project.”

What knowledge do you add to the project?

“The project is about increasing transparency and traceability within textiles and leather sectors. Within Textile Value Chain Management (TVCM) Research Group we have two researchers who have written their theses on traceability in textiles. Currently I am also involved in a Vinnova Fashiontech project Trustrace about this. These works in our research group were well received in the project consortium, that comprises of leading sustainability and blockchain experts from various fashion brands and IT firms, respectively.”

”For the UNECE, it is important to have maximum impact and that all results are open. This means that the university can be very visible and we are able to spread knowledge about what we do, particularly of our depth in research and knowhow of textile value chains. In addition, we can build up our network within the industry, and collaborate in future projects and innovation actions.”

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About the project Trustrace

Rudrajeet Pal

UNECE (external link)

Text: Anna Kjellsson

Photo: Peter Andersson and Suss Wilén

Translation: Eva Medin