Time for a new vision

Director of Communications Office Annie Andréasson explains the work now underway:

“The university's current vision has been an important marker of our desire and efforts to become the third university in Western Sweden. But we also know from the external review conducted in autumn 2017 of the university's strengths that our vision needs to be clarified and that we should reflect on our goals.”

“Today's vision can be difficult to apply in our internal work because it is a goal that we cannot directly influence ourselves. A vision should be an endeavour that unites us all in our daily work.”

During October and November, intensive work will be carried out to collect the thoughts and ideas of university staff when it comes to the vision.

“We have limited time for this work, but all university staff will have the opportunity to share their thoughts on the university's vision. I would like to urge everyone to take advantage of this opportunity!”

The Governing Board will then make a decision on a new vision at the February 2020 meeting. The work will then continue in 2020 in order to develop educational and research strategies that will be implemented in 2021.

Text: Johanna Avadahl
Photo: Johannes Glans
Translation: Eva Medin