Who will be the university's next honorary doctor?

“The purpose of honorary doctors at the University of Borås is to honour people who make or have made significant contributions to the university and/or society. If the main focus is on the person's social contribution, then this should have a connection to the university,” explains Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten.

Facts: At the board meeting on 4 October, a revision of the administrative procedure for appointing honorary doctors was made. All information regarding criteria, the nomination process, preparation etc. can be found in the guiding document "Procedure for the Appointment of Honorary Doctors at the University of Borås", Reg. 639-19.

Only employees at the university are allowed to submit nominations and thereafter it is the Research and Education Board and the Artistic Research and Education Board that, after discussion with the Vice-Chancellor, make determinations about appointments.

“The boards are very pleased with the Vice-Chancellor’s involvement when it comes to honorary doctors and our hope is that the changes we have made in the administrative procedure will clarify what the university is seeking when it comes to honorary doctors. Now we are hoping that employees at the university will take the opportunity to discuss and nominate possible candidates,” says Senior Lecturer and Docent Eva Gustafsson, chair of the Research and Education Board.

Here's how to nominate

The nomination must be submitted at least four months before the intended honour is to be given out. The next Academic Ceremony will take place on 17 April, and thus the nomination must be submitted by 17 December.

Proposals for persons who are recommended for an honorary doctorate are to be submitted to the secretary in the relevant board in a sealed envelope. The nominee should not be informed. 

You will have a maximum of 1,500 words to

  • clearly and rigorously describe the nominee's significant efforts and motivate why the person should be named an honorary doctor, and clearly and rigorously describe the nominee's professional background and any other awards received.

It is also important to indicate in which research area the person is proposed for an honorary doctorate. *

Honorary Doctor--here’s how it works

In order to be appointed an honorary doctor, the person must be deemed to have contributed:

  • significant professional achievement in any of the doctoral education areas for which the university has degree qualifications; professional accomplishments may apply to both academic work in relation to the subject and to innovative developments in relation to the professional with practical applications, and/or
  • significant efforts linked to research, education, and other activities conducted within the university and where the person in question has or has had direct or indirect connection to the university.

It is not customary to appoint someone to be an honorary doctor at the same university where they received their degrees(s). The person should also not hold a doctorate from another Swedish university in the same area as the honorary doctorate.

* For details regarding nomination, see the guiding document "Procedure for the Appointment of Honorary Doctors at the University of Borås", Reg. 639-19.

Text: Johanna Avadahl
Photo: Suss Wilén
Translation: Eva Medin