Window accident report completed

Akademiska Hus's assessment is that the incident was due to a number of concurrent unfortunate circumstances. The University of Borås believes that it is of great importance that the premises for which the property owner is responsible have a sufficiently high level of safety to eliminate accident risks to the greatest extent possible.

“We are gladdened that no one was injured in the accident and that measures are now being taken and have already been taken to prevent something similar from happening again. We, together with Akademiska Hus, have a common goal that the premises of the university must be safe and secure,” says Charlott Sundeen, Director of Campus Facilities and Sustainability Office at the University of Borås.

Report describes the likely course of events

The report was compiled by an independent consulting firm (WSP) that the property owner brought in and it details a likely course of events as well as suggestions for future steps.

The window in question was mounted on the seventh floor and was openable outwards. It was openable to 90 degrees and was fitted with a window brake rail. When the window was opened, it could be locked by turning the window handle in a vertical position. No written instructions on the window’s functioning were available in connection with the window.

The report states that, according to the Planning and Building Act, it is permissible to have an openable outward-facing windows at such a height, but that it is not the most optimal solution. The window where the accident occurred will be replaced with a window with an inward opening function.

Locking function on all windows

Following the incident, the property owner conducted a review of all the windows in the building. The majority of the windows were then equipped with a locking function which only allows a limited opening possibility, corresponding to about ten centimeters. Such a locking function has now been mounted on the windows that had not previously had it.

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Accident at Akademiplatsen

Text and image: Anna Kjellsson

Translation: Eva Medin