Design students to show at London Fashion Week

Collections that lead the way for the fashion of the future, both in terms of sustainability and diversity, are now on display for the international audience on 13 September.

"It feels very exciting and is a good ending for the degree project, and a head start into working life and the future as a graduated fashion designer," says Irma Skjöth Hedlund, newly graduated Master's student in Fashion Design.

An opportunity for attention

"Attending London Fashion Week means that we newly graduated students will have the opportunity to show our work to a broad and international audience and that can lead to future work opportunities, collaborations, and much more. It's an incredibly good opportunity and good marketing for the Swedish School of Textiles, in which the university gets the attention it deserves!" she continues.

Text: Annie Klasén
Translation: Eva Medin
Photo: Suss Wilén