Inspection of openable windows

Akademiska Hus will inspect all of Sandgärdet's rooms that have windows, including offices, classrooms, and meeting rooms. The inspection will be carried out during working hours and may therefore interfere with any work in progress in the rooms. However, it is important that this inspection is carried out as soon as possible.

In connection with the inspection, safety hooks will be mounted on windows where they are not currently in place. If you are in a room in which the window lacks a safety hook, please keep the window closed until a hook is fitted. 


Update 2019-09-18

Information from Akademiska Hus:

"Akademiska Hus takes this event extremely seriously and has been investigating how this could have happened while simultaneously working to ensure that this cannot happen again. We are now awaiting the external consultant's investigation report to clarify the reason for the incident. We have a continuous and close dialogue with the university regarding the incident and the work that is now being done.

We understand that the incident has been concerning, but we hope that the measures that we have taken in the form of safety hooks on all windows will make everyone on campus feel safe again."

Text: Johanna Avadahl
Photo: Suss Wilén
Translation: Eva Medin