Make the library better for you!

A new semester has started, and the library is again full of students – finally the premises, books, computers and electronic resources are used again. Since the semester started last week, the library has been visited by between 1,200 and 3,000 people every weekday. The library is a popular place to be. But in order for the library to be a good working environment for everyone who wants to sit here and study there are a number of rules:

  • Adjust the sound level – no need to whisper, but please keep your voice down.
  • The Silent Study Room should be a quiet place. Remember that is might be perceived as disturbing if you eat candy/fruit or listen to music on headphones.
  • It’s OK to eat candy, sandwiches or fruit and drink beverages with a lid on the mug in the library. Any other food or drink is not allowed inside the library.
  • Please throw away your garbage in the trash and leave the workplace in the condition you want to find it.
  • Be careful with the library's premises, equipment and materials. There is, for example, a thought behind how the furniture is placed, so if you move on anything please put it back where it was when you are leaving the library.

Theft and lost items

Remember not to leave your things unattended in the library. Unfortunately, there have been thefts in the library. Even if you just have to go get a book or take a quick trip to the restroom, it is good if you ask someone who is in your vicinity to keep an eye on your stuff. If you left things unattended, or if you forgot something when you left the library, your items may have been found and submitted to the Information Point at the entrance.

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Premises and conduct policy

Text: Katharina Nordling
Photo: Suss Wilén