To make course literature available to students

Link to articles

If the course literature list contains articles, these are often available in electronic format. A nice way to make things easier for the students is to create a link to the article from Ping Pong. When you create the link it’s always a good idea to use the library’s search service Primo. If you link to the article’s post in Primo, instead of directly to the article, the students will always reach the article – no matter if they are on campus or somewhere else. To create the link in Primo you start by searching for the article, you open the post and click on the symbol for Permalink. The link you retrieve then is a permanent link which will always take you to the same post (see picture below). It is of course possible to create permalinks to e-books and printed material as well.

When it comes to electronic articles, it might be tempting to share the pdf-files to the students in Ping Pong. And that is allowed, for some articles. Whether or not it is allowed to share an article through Ping Pong depends on how the license agreement with the suppliers of the journals are written. But since the agreements differ between different suppliers, it is hard to say anything in general about what is allowed or not.

Use of printed course literature - copying is governed by agreements

One thing that makes it easier for teachers who want to copy shorter texts for use in teaching is the agreement that regulates copying in Higher Education Institutions. The agreement is reached between the organization Bonus Copyright Access and the Association of Swedish Higher Education (SUHF) and applies to teachers and students at all Higher Education Institutions in Sweden.

In the agreement, the 15/15 rule is central when it comes to copying books used in teaching. The rule means that you can copy 15 %, but a maximum of 15 pages, from a book (per six months). The copies may then be distributed to the students as physical copies, or as digital copies as long as they’re only reachable for the students on the course (for example via Ping Pong).

The agreement also allow you as a teacher to copy an entire course book for your own purpose.

Get your own copy of the course book

In order for you as a teacher to have your own copy of the course book, you can easily order your copy through the library's book agreements. The agreements give you a discount on the regular price, as well as free shipping.

Text: Katharina Nordling
Photo: Mostphotos