Two new Deans of Faculty appointed

On 1 May, Päivi Ristola will begin as permanent Dean of Faculty of the Faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare (A2). She is currently the interim Dean of Faculty.

"I feel both honoured and humbled by the task, especially in these very special times.” 

What challenges do you see coming next?

"All of the Faculty's educational programmes are crucial for society, but the big challenge for us right now is to provide as many trained nurses, specialist nurses, and midwives as possible in a way that ensures that students feel safe during their education and without sacrificing patient safety. I will do my very best to foster the best conditions possible for the important work that the employees do, both as teachers and researchers!”

Begins in September

Martin G Erikson will take over as Dean of Faculty of the Faculty of Librarianship, Information, Education and IT (A3) from 1 September. He is currently Head of Department of the Department of Educational Research and Development.

"It is with great anticipation and curiosity that I look forward to the position of Dean of Faculty. At the moment, our everyday life is dominated by uncertainty and even anxiety, but when I see how impressively the employees at the university have responded to the challenge, it just seems more positive and tempting to be a part and to take an increased responsibility for the work done here.” 

What challenges do you see coming next?

"The Faculty is facing important tasks with work towards complete environments in IT and Pedagogical Work as well as, in some parts, intensive quality work based on the views of the Swedish Higher Education Authority.”

“For me as a new Dean of Faculty, this also means approaching the issues from a holistic perspective, because it is difficult to talk about a complete environment or quality unless all the relevant parts of our operations are included. I want to include the many important employee experiences in the work. We have also seen this spring how the coronavirus crisis has led to new ideas and experiences for the future. It is important that we make the most of these experiences. As a new Dean of Faculty, this will not least be about educating myself about all Faculty activities as quickly as possible, and listening and developing an overall understanding. I look forward to many interesting conversations with the Faculty's employees.”

The decisions were made on 14 April.

Portrait photos: Moa Carlsson/Peter Erlandson
Photo: Suss Wilén
Translator: Eva Medin