This year's Introduction will be digital

How will Introduction this autumn be done for our new students given the coronavirus pandemic?

"As usual, Introduction will contain all the important information that new students need. What is different is that it will be completely digital.”

What are the benefits of a digital introduction?

"The advantages of a digital introduction is that we reduce the risk of spreading  infection, thus for our safety and for that of all new students. Another good thing is that it is possible to take part in Introduction wherever you are.”

How can new students get to know Borås given that everything is done digitally?

"Our hope is that guided tours will be offered in Borås, which is Student City of the Year. Each class also has a student buddy who can help them settle in.”

Do you have any good tips for new students for the start of the term and Introduction?

"The best tip for new students is to follow the Student Union and the university on both Facebook and Instagram. Also, keep an eye on and for updates around the start of the term. Another thing that you might be thinking about is the Zoom tool used for digital teaching. Friday, before the start of the term, we at the Student Union will have a drop-in room open between 13:00-15:00 where it is possible to join in and test out how it works or ask questions about the university, student life, or about Borås in general.  Here is the Zoom room:

We look forward to meeting everyone both virtually and eventually in person. All our students are longed after and warmly welcomed to the University of Borås!”

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