Level yellow activated — everything is to be done remotely

Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten has now made the decision that all teaching and examinations are to be conducted at distance in various forms. Exemptions will only be granted for exceptional reasons. The decision is based on the government's strengthened recommendations as well as recommendations from the Smittskydd Västra Götaland.

“Our starting point has long been ‘Distance when it works, campus when it’s needed,’ but now the state of the pandemic is more serious and it is necessary to tighten our protocols. We are aware that this decision, made at short notice, will affect both employees and students, but together we need to do what we can to reduce the spread of infection,” Mats Tinnsten said.

The decision is valid at present until 24 January, if no other decision is made. The decision may also be extended. It is, therefore, highly recommended to plan to carry out all university operations and activities completely remotely for the rest of the spring term 2021.

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Employees will receive information via email and students will receive information via PING PONG.

The Vice-Chancellor’s decision is available to read from the Registrar’s Office, Reg. 258-20 as of Wednesday, 23 December (Swedish only).