Anniversary of a strong research area

Jan Nolin, then a new professor, says,

"There had been talk for quite some time that certain strong environments at non-university higher education institutions would be allowed to grant doctoral degrees. The Swedish School of Library and Information Science had even been mentioned as an example of such an environment. It was therefore quite obvious that we should apply.”

However, this meant some sacrifices. The university had, since 1993, had a collaboration with the University of Gothenburg and thus there had already been a functioning and established doctoral education programme.

"The University of Gothenburg also paid for a doctoral student position, a professorship, and some other things. Another problem was that, up until then, our doctoral students could apply for scholarships that were announced at the University of Gothenburg. It was therefore important for us that the University of Borås be compensated financially.”

He recalls that it was the application process was interesting.

"The hearing in Stockholm itself was quite worry-free. We were established internationally and were questioned by colleagues who knew our institution well," says Jan Nolin.

Ten years later, the doctoral education programme at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science is successful and has minted 20 new doctors.

History of the Swedish School of Library and Information Science

The Swedish School of Library and Information Science is created as Sweden's only institution for librarian education. Prior to that, such education had been conducted since the 1920s through various courses and shorter programmes, for example under the auspices of the former National Board of Education in Solna.

The first professorship in library and information science is established. As rights to grant doctoral degrees were at that time lacking at the University of Borås, the professorship is connected to the University of Gothenburg – the closest university.

The first course of doctoral education starts at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science.

The first doctoral students are accepted.

The first public defence takes place. It is Birger Hjørland who defends his thesis, having been accepted as a doctoral student with a completed doctoral thesis.

The Swedish School of Library and Information Science receives a large donation from Sweden's public library association, Sveriges Allmänna biblioteksförening, and can thus finance several doctoral positions.

Louise Limberg defends her thesis as the first doctoral student to complete her entire doctoral education at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science.

The University of Borås may have its own professorships.

In 2000, four professors of library and information science were recruited.

It becomes possible for non-university higher education institutions to gain the right to grant doctoral degrees, and the University of Borås immediately acquires such rights in several subjects, including library and information science.

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From the university's research magazine 1866 from 2017: Today and Yesterday – in the Service of Curiosity

Doctoral Education in Library and Information Science

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