New website!

Screen shot of the new web

As you've probably noticed, the university's website looks different from yesterday, but hopefully you'll recognise both the content and the structure. The reason for the change is that the university has today changed web systems from EPiServer 6 to EPiServer 11, which provides a website that is easier to work with and which has new and improved features as well as better support for complying with GDPR and accessibility directives.

"The design of the pages and navigation have obviously changed, but above all it is on the back and in the search function that the major changes have been made, and that’s what will be noticed the most," says Ida Danell, Web Specialist. She and Marc Hermansson, Communications Officer, are together the project managers for the change of web system.

Although the launch is taking place today, there is a lot of work left to be done with the site.

"We will receive deliveries from our web agency continuously until Midsummer, and during the summer there will be intensive work to review and fine-tune the website. We are doing what we can to make it affect you as a visitor as little as possible and we hope that you can have patience that not everything is in place yet,” Ida Danell continues.

Part of the website about which there have been a lot of opinions over the years is the search function, a feature that is now being improved.

Marc Hermansson explains, "We are now getting a new, more powerful search engine which will improve the search experience. At the same time, it is important to have reasonable expectations; our search function will never be able to compete with Google or similar. And it will need constant fine-tuning, especially now at the beginning. But with our new search engine, we have better opportunities to continuously influence the search functions and the results shown.”

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