Summer loans and return of books

The end of the semester is approaching. We hope that the sudden change brought about by COVID-19 did not affect your studies in a negative way, but instead it has taught you to study / work in a new way.

We want to remind our students who are ready with their studies and leave the school, not to forget to return their loans. You who will continue your studies this fall, but have books borrowed that you do not need during the summer, can also take the opportunity to return them. If you have books that you need during the summer it is perfectly OK to keep these as we have summer loans. This means that during the summer you do not have to worry about delayed books as the deadline for return is set to September 3.

Should some of you have gone "home" and taken the books with you, you can send them by mail to:

Högskolan i Borås
501 90 Borås

We wish you all a pleasant summer. Don't forget to keep your distance!