Hello Marie Gustafsson!

What are your main duties?

I work at the Department Collection Services with interlibrary loans but I am also purshasing media for business administration, textile management, engineering science and resource recovery. I also work in the information desk!

For how long have you worked here and what did you do before you started here?

I started in 1998 but I have been full time since 2000. 

I studied at the Swedish School of Library and informations Science. Before that I worked as a teacher. I have a subject teacher education in textiles and English. I also did study for a year at the University of Gothenburg and worked in home care service. I have also worked in a travek agency, but that was a long time ago.

What do you do when you're not at work?

Mostley I like to spend time with my family and friends, especially with my grandchildren. I like to be outdoors because the job involves most sedentary indoor work. If there is time, I try to go to concerts at the Concert Hall or Pustervik in Gothenburg or some other culture events.

Do you have any book tips you want to share?

In general, I like British writers and I like to read poets, thrillers and historical novels but I really like all kinds of fiction. A contemporary favorite author is Maggie O'Farrell, a British author, born in Northern Ireland. The last two books of hers that I read are "The hand that first held mine" and "It must be the place", both very good. But I can recommend all her books as well as her memoir.

Book tips from last year and this year that I recently read is Camilla Grebe's latest book "Skuggjägaren", a psychological thriller.

I also enjoy reading fiction based on real events. "Before We Where Yours" is written by the American writer Lisa Wingate. It is a scary and very good book. Have recently read "The German Girl" and "The Daughter's Tale" by Armando Lucas Correa, which is based on real events from the Second World War as well as "The Tattoist of Auschwitz" by Heather Morris.

Me and some of my friends have a book circle, so I  get to read a little of each, which I don´t choose myself - and that is good.

What made you apply to the Library at the University of Borås?

It was, and still is a library at a fairly good size University, that has a wide range of courses where my background fit in well. I also wanted to work at a research library.

What do you think is the most fun about your work?

The best thing about the job is to be a cog in the machinery for students' learning and hopefully be able to contribute to students good education when they leave the University.

Text: Marie Gustafsson & Lena Wadell

Picure: Lena Wadell