New vision—how does it affect you as an employee?

What happens now?

The university's previous vision and mission statements expired on 18 February 2020. Everyone has their own responsibility to review their own texts where the old vision was used (either "the third university of Western Sweden" or the old mission "Science for the professions"). Each employee must change their own texts. The Communications Office has begun updating the vision and mission webpages.

Keep in mind that the university's goals are still the same. Before new goals can be set, the new research and education strategies must be determined.

Should I replace texts about the old vision with the new one?

It is not possible to exchange the text directly with the new vision. The old vision was formulated more as a goal and was externally directed. That’s not the case with current one. Therefore, employees must determine for themselves what the purpose of the text is and who it is addressed to when it is updated. If support is needed with formulation or you want a sounding board, you can contact the Communications Office.

Is the vision statement available in English?

The English translation is currently in progress as it is not possible to translate it directly and at the same time retain its meaning. When it's done, this will be announced in Inblick.

If you are a native speaker of English and are interested in being part of the sounding board to discuss the vision statement’s English counterpart, please contact 

How does the vision statement affect other policy documents?

Now that the vision statement has been formally decided upon, further decisions will be made on research and education strategies for the university. These will be based on the vision. The strategies, in turn, will guide the university's activities and be broken down into other policy documents. When the research and education strategies are to be decided on is not yet clear. As soon as information is available, it will be communicated to employees.

How will the work affect my department and my work?

Feel free to discuss this within the department and with your manager. Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten will visit all departments over the course of the year. There is an excellent opportunity to ask more detailed questions about the impact of the vision statement.

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Text: Anna Kjellsson
Image: Anna Sigge
Translation: Eva Medin