She is the recipient of the university’s Pedagogical Prize 2019

"I am very happy and feel honoured," is her spontaneous comment.

Pedagogical Prize 2019 – jury motivation
"This teacher has made the teaching interesting for the students in a rewarding way, which has contributed to their feeling involved in all parts of the course. By describing the subject from several different perspectives, the teacher gives the students the opportunity to reflect critically and thus gain a deeper understanding. In addition, the teacher has been accommodating by answering questions and been available if problems have arisen during the course."

Jeanette Carlsson Hauff teaches the course Basic Marketing, part of the university's various business administration programmes. Marketing can be about a company's assessments, what affects a company, how to work with pricing, branding, advertising, e-commerce, and more. Her lectures take place in a large auditorium with up to 100–130 students who are meant to learn theories of marketing.

How do you get the attention of the students on such a theoretical subject as marketing?

"I think a lot about what I can add to my lectures. It's exciting to see what's happening in the classroom, because something definitely happens in the meeting and the personal contact with the students. The course is theoretical, but I try to make the students feel that it is relevant to them and that the theories we review are linked to reality. I want to show them what the theories can contribute.”

How do you set up the course?

"The arrangement is that the students should be prepared before they come to the lecture. They receive assignments linked to real companies. The assignments will then be part of the discussion during the lecture. Together with the students, I can explain what function the theories have. Having views on a theoretical textbook is difficult, but in this way, the students get to look at how a real company acts in relation to marketing, and then we add in the theories. In this way, it is more concrete.”

"Lecturing to such a large class is also a challenge, but most students actually attend. It can be difficult to include those who do not come to the lectures and I have great respect for the fact that not all students are interested in marketing, but there is a large correlation between interest and those students that do attend my lectures.”

What does meeting with the students mean to you?

"These are things that cannot be replaced in the case of a distance course. Standing and lecturing for two hours can be replaced by a recorded lecture, but the meeting itself, catching up and getting to hear the students’ thoughts and reflections and the conversations that arise in the classroom are things that are difficult to replace. The students are so incredibly awake and have super interesting input, I don’t want to miss that.”

The date that the Pedagogical Prize will be given out will be announced later.

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In addition to teaching, Jeanette Carlsson Hauff conducts research on consumer behaviour in relation to financial services.

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Text and photo: Solveig Klug
Translator: Eva Medin