Status: New service planning system

Within the project organisation, a steering committee and a reference group, as well as a working team have been appointed. Pro-Vice-Chancellor Kim Bolton has been appointed project leader.

The system change is initiated by the faculties, and the procurement of the system is to be started within the coming weeks.

“One of the reasons for changing to another service planning system is that it nowadays exists standard systems that provide secure transfer of correct and relevant information between the service planning system and other systems such as Ladok and Primula. Changing to a system used by other universities gives other opportunities for knowledge and experience exchange”, says Kim Bolton.

“The goal is for a new system to be in place before the summer.”

The project organisation

Steering committee

Includes people from management positions who are responsible for, among other things, that the project’s expected results are in line with the university’s operations and that the project is given the necessary resources. 

Reference group

Includes people from faculties and relevant parts of the Professional Services who have knowledge in service planning systems or other systems that must be connected to the new system.

Working team

Includes representatives from faculties and IT who have knowledge in service planning systems.

Text: Johanna Avadahl
Photo: Suss Wilén