Transformative agreements – how are they being used?

Eleven of the articles were published in Springer Nature, to a value of around €22 500. The university paid €29 441 for two Springer Nature agreements (Springer Compact and Springer Nature Fully Open).

The journals that the university published in with Springer Nature are:

  • Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  • BMC Emergency Medicine
  • BMC Geriatrics
  • Fibers and Polymers
  • International Journal of Digital Humanities
  • Journal of Healthcare Informatics Research
  • Journal of Materials Science
  • Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics
  • Scientific Reports (2 artiklar)
  • World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology

Nine articles were published through the Taylor & Francis deal, to a value of around €23 700. The university paid €44 087 for the transformative agreement with Taylor & Francis. This means there is plenty of scope for increased publication through this agreement.

The journals the university published in with Taylor & Francis are:

  • Feminist Media Studies
  • International Journal of Cultural Policy
  • Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning
  • Journal of Marketing Management
  • Journal of Natural Fibers
  • Pedagogy, Culture & Society
  • Teaching in Higher Education
  • The Design Journal
  • The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research

The university's collected transformative agreements

The university now has a total of nine different transformative agreements with eight separate publishers. These agreements are negotiated by the National Library through the Bibsam consortium that the university is a part of.

The transformative agreements that have become the new model of publication agreements cover both open reading and publication access. The idea is that more research will become openly available than before when the costs for open access publication are covered in advance by the universities.

If you are a researcher about to publish and are looking for information about the current agreements, want help with evaluating the different journals, or have queries about the practicalities of publishing your research through these deals, don't hesitate to contact research support librarian Signe Wulund.

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