Now the trash can in the offices will be removed

As of week 21, the trash can is removed from the offices in Balder and at the Communications office. For those who want a table debris container, to bring, sort and empty in a larger waste container themselves, there are about 50 available at the reception. You can also use your own variants. This means that in the future the cleaning staff will not empty any containers in the offices.

This change will be initiated in Balder and will be continued in the offices in Sandgärdet, Textile Fashion Center and the facilites of the police training.

This is part of the university's work to reduce the amount of waste that goes to incineration. For this to happen, the sorting of waste, among other things, needs to increase.

Improvement proposals

Do you have proposals on how we can improve the university's contribution to a sustainable development? Then please send an email to: