New form makes it simpler to register publications in DiVA

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All scientific publications by researchers at the University of Borås have to be registered in the publication database DiVA, as per a Vice Chancellor’s resolution. Researchers are responsible for registering their publications, and until now this has been done through a very detailed form in DiVA. There has also been the option to import publications from databases like Web of Science and PubMed.

Now the library is launching a simplified form as a new way for researchers to publish their information in DiVA.

In the new form researchers only have to fill in basic information about the publication, and attach a file or include a reference to the publication. A librarian then goes through the process of registering the publication in DiVA on behalf of the researcher. Signe Wulund, who is one of the librarians who will be registering publications, answers two questions:

What are the expectations behind launching this new form?

– It will be a lot more convenient to register publications, which I hope will lead to people doing it more often. DiVA has an old user interface which is very time-consuming to use when you register publications, so it’s easy to keep leaving that work until later. With the new form, researchers can easily add “go to the library and give them the reference” as a step in their own routine when they have been published or have completed some other output they want to register. Researchers and teachers who write scientific articles, conference papers and other works already have so little time for what they need to do that it feels good that the library is able to assist them with this. But anyone who wants to, will of course still be able to log in and register their publications directly in DiVA.

How long can the registration in DiVA be expected to take if you use the new form?

– That depends on how popular it gets! We promise that it will be done within a week, but the publications that I’ve gotten so far I’ve been able to register within 24 hours. If you’re in a hurry you can always leave a note in the comment field in the form, and we’ll do an express registration. We always send out a confirmation when we’ve finished registering a publication submitted through the form, so you don’t have to check DiVA to see if when it’s been done.

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