PressReader - newspapers and magazines

PressReader contains more than 6,000 newspapers and magazines from over 100 countries in more than 60 languages.

Using PressReader

In PressReader you can search for a specific magazine, browse for magazines based on category, country and language. You can also choose to browse newspapers or magazines.

There is a news feed that can be followed divided into a few different topics such as top news, business, sports, entertainment and opinion. You can also choose which publications you want to follow (requires you to create an account).

The user interface contains a couple of viewing and reading modes that you can vary among.

Access to PressReader

You can use PressReader by selecting the database on the Library website via the webpage Databases.

It is excellent to use the web-based PressReader service on tablet and mobile. The text mode then provides the best flow for reading the articles in the newspapers. There is also an app for tablets and mobile phones. However, the app requires that you are connected to a so-called hot spot. It is possible to download material and read it offline.

Examples of titles

Below you will find a number of examples of newspapers that are available in PressReader, but there are significantly more:

  • Svenska Dagbladet
  • Aftonbladet
  • Le Figaro
  • El Pais
  • The Guardian
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine
  • The Washington Post
  • Hindustan Times

Test PressReader

Link to PressReader

If you have questions about PressReader, you are welcome to contact the library via e-mail: