The university remains at “lime level”

Lime level means that physical gatherings are allowed, but to a limited extent. What happens on campus should do so with adaptations in place so that the risk of spreading infection is minimised.

The main rule of "distance when it works, campus when it’s needed" applies to all activities at the university. Relevant managers are responsible for ensuring adaptations are made in accordance with the plans developed for work at a distance and on campus, examinations, teaching, travel, external commitments, and information dissemination. Some exceptions continue to apply to the nursing and police educational programmes.

"It is important that we continue to practice social distancing, work from home when it is not necessary to be in the workplace, and minimise the number of course components that must be done on campus," says Claes Lennartsson, one of the project leaders for Project Corona.

Should a specific group, e.g. course or department, be infected, the university can, within the framework of level lime, impose restrictions on that particular group, without the whole university going to level yellow.

"The level we have been at since 15 June gives us some flexibility. We need to have a long-term approach to planning; we cannot constantly change the conditions for the university and students and employees. But I want to stress that we are in a serious situation and it is still very important that everyone takes responsibility and follows the advice and restrictions of the Public Health Agency of Sweden," he says.