Access problems for some articles in Primo

On campus

If you are on campus and click on an article in Primo result list to reach the full text, you end up on the article's page in Web of Science instead of going directly to the article at the supplier. If this happens, click on the blue button "Get Full Text" in the upper left corner of the Web of Science interface and you will be taken to the article.

Off campus

If you are off-campus, and are logged in to Primo, and click through to the full text of an article, you may end up on an error page in the Web of Science where you are asked to log in. However, it is not possible to log in. Then try to log out of Primo and redo your search and you will in most cases have access to articles in full text.

Supplementary fullttext link

To facilitate access to articles, there is now a supplementary link at article level in the result list in Primo - "Fulltext PDF". That link leads directly to the article in PDF.