Accessibility – important information for publishing on the university website

Person som tittar på laptopskärm

In a couple of weeks, a new law on web accessibility will come into force for all public websites in Sweden. Above all, we as an authority must adapt our digital communication so that it is accessible to everyone, including people with, for example, impaired visual, auditory, or cognitive abilities.

Digital communication includes our webpages and things published via webpages such as images, PDF files, video files, and audio files.

Examples of adaptations include:

  • Webpages and PDF files must be compatible with screen readers that can read the content to the visually impaired.
  • Videos on the website must have subtitles to enable a person to receive the information without sound.

How does this affect me?

If you publish content on the university's website or on any of the university's other digital channels, you must have knowledge of how to make your information accessible. You have a responsibility to review the information about the Accessibility Directive and act in regards to what applies to you. More information will be published on the webpages below, even after 23 September.

Work is currently underway to develop action plans for how the university will work with these issues in the future.

This is what the Accessibility Directive means (Swedish webpage, English version will be published shortly)

Specifically regarding webpages

This is how we work with accessibility on the university website (Swedish webpage, English version will be published shortly)

Specifically regarding PDF files

Are you the page manager for a webpage where there is a PDF that is not accessible under the new directive? Then you will be (or may already have been) contacted to fix the PDF file by doing one of the following:

  • Turn the PDF into an accessible PDF file.
  • Post the information directly on the webpage instead of in a PDF.
  • Delete the PDF file completely.

How to make PDFs accessible (Swedish webpage, English version will be published shortly)

Specifically regarding video and audio files

Video and audio files (usually podcasts) should be subtitled. Right now we are awaiting a procurement via SUNET regarding manual and automatic subtitles in HB Play.

This is what applies to video and audio files (Swedish webpage, English version will be published shortly)