Be a pilot user of Canvas

View over the Balder building with trees in fall colours

It is estimated that Canvas will take less than two years to fully implement and be used in all the university's programmes. In the first phase, which starts this autumn, it is mainly a question of getting the technical implementation in place and this spring the pilot users can begin.

Project Leader Hanna Markusson, Director of the Academic Affairs Office, tells us more:

"Many employees at the university, both teachers and technical/administrative staff, already have good knowledge of how Canvas works and can be used. There are also many who are looking forward for a new and modern learning platform. In the project, we naturally want to take advantage of all these skills, experiences, and hopes.

If you want to participate as a pilot user starting during the beginning of the spring term 2021, you are welcome to contact me.”

The project team for the introduction of Canvas includes several of the university's departments.

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