New policy clarifies the university’s communication work

Annie Andréasson, Director of the Communications Office, says:

"In the spring, the university adopted a new vision statement; therefore, we needed to rewrite our policy to fit the new vision. It has been many years since it was last revised so the policy needed to be reviewed. A lot has happened in terms of communications work in recent years, as well. It also turned out, when our quality assurance model for education was reviewed, that many in our organisation did not know how we work systematically with communications. The revision and consultation process has been a way of involving and communicating the communications policy within the organisation.”

What is different from the previous policy?

"We have basically rewritten the entire document. The Communications Policy sets the framework for the university's underlying strategies, plans, guidelines, and procedures when it comes to communications. In the policy you will see the purpose of our communications work, areas of responsibility, and how we work with channels and target audiences.”

What does this mean for employees?

"It is important that all employees know that we have a Communications Policy and that you can find it on the university's employee website. All employees at the university are responsible for contributing to good communications. We all have a responsibility to seek out the information that we need to do our work.”

Read the Communications Policy