New study spaces on campus

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NOTE! Remember to practice social distancing when on university premises.

Students have previously asked for more study spaces on the university's premises – both for studying in groups and individually – as well as areas where one can socialise. The university, together with the property owner Akademiska Hus and the Student Union of Borås, has heeded these requests.

We accompany Henrik Werner and Cecilia Hallgren from the Campus Facilities and Sustainability Office on a tour of the new areas.

Open spaces and group rooms

The corridor in D3 (third floor of the D-building) has been given a proper makeover. Now it is light and airy with several group rooms and open seating areas.

"What used to be a dark, narrow corridor with offices and low ceilings is now an open space for students," Henrik Werner says.

There are several group rooms of different sizes that can be booked via KronoX from the start of the term. The smallest has six and the largest 16 seats – and all group rooms have video equipment.

"We have also upcycled furniture, so the chairs in these spaces are older ones that we have reupholstered," says Cecilia Hallgren.

New digital examination hall

Hall E308 was previously two halls with significant renovation needs. Now it is one large hall where it is possible to have a digital exam. The hall has 70 seats and each table has access to an outlet. In addition, the windows have been modified so that almost no noise can be heard from the road Kungsgatan, which passes just outside.

Spaces with a view

In the J- and M-buildings, the lovely view has been taken advantage of. There are new seating areas in a row on floors 3 and 4, and on the 5th floor, there are armchairs for those who want to sit alone.

“We work continuously to take a fresh look at the campus; that’s an effort that never ends. And we prioritise this type of space for students, where they can study and be together," says Cecilia Hallgren.

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