Review of the research quality assurance system

A year ago, UKÄ started a pilot review of research quality assurance systems. The University of Borås, together with University West and Linnaeus University, signed up for the pilot round.

“The university has carried out significant and important work in recent years, which, irrespective of UKÄ's decision, will be of great benefit to us. Being part of the pilot round means that we have had the opportunity to begin this process early. This has been a learning experience both for the university and for UKÄ,” says Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten.

Earlier this week, the preliminary report came from the UKÄ's assessor group. The preliminary report does not contain a proposal for a summative decision for the University of Borås. The working group at the university is now working on reviewing the preliminary report, important work in preparation for UKÄ's decision. The preliminary report is work material and will therefore not be disseminated, says Kim Bolton, who heads the working group:

"According to the plan, UKÄ will make a decision on 6 October, and then we will inform our employees. We will then arrange for discussions of the results and how we intend to continue to develop and improve our research quality assurance system.”

More about the review

UKÄ's assessment is not an assessment of the quality of our research as such, but of the system that we have to assure and develop the quality of our research. The quality of research is assessed in other ways, for example through peer review.

Quality process for research at University of Borås