Salary Review 2020

This is because the private sector, which guides calculations regarding wage growth, have not finalised their agreements. The government sector will wait to see what happens in the private sector, which means that today we do not know when we can make decisions in regards to this year’s salary review.

In order to facilitate this year's salary review and be prepared in the event of fast-moving changes later on, we are in agreement with the representatives of Saco and OFR that an initial salary dialogue/salary-setting dialogue will be conducted with all employees during September-October. In the first dialogue (about 45 minutes), the manager and employee will discuss the employee’s performance during the year, based on the employee’s duties and the goals set for the employee during the performance review. The university's salary criteria and the university's preparatory material for salary dialogues/salary-setting dialogues are used as a starting point. This dialogue will not include discussions of new salaries, as has previously been done for employees who are members of Saco or not a member of a union, but will only be a follow-up of the employee's goals and achievements during the year.

We will get back to you with more information regarding the process. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact your manager or HR. You can also contact your union representative.