Starting on 3 May, there is a new way to register for examinations

Currently, you register for examinations in Ladok. This will change starting 3 May. From then on, you must instead register for exams in KronoX no later than 10 days before the exam. 

However, you must still register for your course in Ladok. Course registration is a requirement to be able to register for the exam.

Email with information and reminder

Something new in connection with the new system is that you will receive an email when registration opens, another email with a reminder before the last date to register, and a confirmation email when you have registered.

If you are entitled to special support during exams, it will also be possible to register information on what support you are entitled to when registering for the examination.

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Read more about exams (note that the pages have not been updated with information about KronoX yet, it will be done before 3 May)