Personal start pages now launched on the employee website

The employee website will remain as is; the existing structure and its content will not change. What will be new is that you as an employee can log in to get targeted information via the employee website's start page. The purpose of personal start pages, or PS, is to make it easier for you to quickly get information aimed specifically at you and to give you a natural starting point for your work. One step in making it easier for employees to access the information on the employee website is for everyone to set the personal start page as their web browser home page.  If you have a computer that does not have the IT Office's standard installation, such as a Mac, you will need to manually set the personal start page as your web browser home page.

The personal start page is not an additional channel or a new system, but rather a new way to structure and target news and current information on while also enabling you as an employee to get information from your manager this way instead of via email. The message function is not intended for communicating with individual employees about specific work tasks.

"It is very important that the communication we have with our employees works well and is relevant, and my hope is that the personal start page will strengthen and support such communication. Our managers are getting a tool that will facilitate and encourage clearer and better communication, and as employees, the information received should feel more relevant and more targeted," said Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten.

"A personal start page is exactly what we need to facilitate communication within our departments. It will provide more targeted and relevant information. At my previous workplace, something similar was introduced, and it made things easier when it came to navigating, finding up-to-date information, and reaching employees. I think this will be very good for the university – and it also has a nice design," said Head of Professional Services Anna Cregård.

More information

Learn more about the different features of the personal start page further down on this webpage.

Two reference guides are available on the web page for web manuals (in Swedish only so far):

Make the personal start page your web browser home page (in Swedish only so far)

This webpage has the answers to frequently asked questions about the personal start page (updated regularly). 


If you have specific questions or problems with using the personal start page, you are welcome to the trainings offered in Zoom on 17 December.

Training for all employees

Training specifically for managers

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Here are some examples of functions that will be available on the personal start page when you have logged in.

Functions when logged in

News articles



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