ASTM Compass - new database for standards

The ASTM Compass database contains approximately 12,000 US standards. The database also contains reports and other material. ASTM Compass contains both current and repealed standards.

How to use and search in ASTM Compass

The menu item "Books of standards" is the entrance to the standards. Books of standards is divided into 15 subject-based sections. You can select a section and click through subsections.

There is a search function that can be used to search for a number for a standard or search for some terms to explore what standards are available in the field. It is possible to refine searches against, for example, material types, document types and categories.

The first time ASTM Compass is used, the license agreement must be approved. It is possible to create a personal account in the service.

Note that the standards are not available in Primo - they must be searched directly in ASTM Compass.

Try the database

Below you find a link to the database.

Questions about the database

If you have questions about ASTM Compass, please contact the Library at the e-mail address