Academic Communication – new competence development initiative

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Eva Medin

The focus is on communication in English for professional and research purposes with content relevant for the university's employees. The new initiative is a collaboration between a number of the university's functions that already work with related issues.

“The goal is to support internationalisation and research; all employees are welcome regardless of role,” said Eva Medin, Coordinator at the Communications Office and initiator of this new effort.

In addition to the Communication Office, the Department of Educational Research and Development (PUF for its Swedish name, Sektionen för pedagogisk utveckling och forskning), the Grants and Innovation Office (GIO), and the language support staff at the University Library are also involved in the work.

“We will be arranging workshops, seminars, and more and will focus on both oral and written communication needs that are relevant for the university’s employees. We have also made resources available on the employee website and more are coming. That means you can choose a time that works for you to review them.”

Upcoming activities

At the moment, the following activities are planned (all given in English).

  • Seminar on grant application writing as a genre (given by GIO)
  • Workshop on concise academic writing: tips and tools for reducing word count and writing concise academic and scientific texts (given by the Communications Office)
  • Workshop on writing email in English for university work: templates, tools, and phrases (given by the Communications Office)
  • Abstract writing workshop: abstract writing for conferences and peer-reviewed journals (given by PUF)

“We also have more activities that are being planned, such as a writing retreat. If you have a request for a topic or activity for future competence development within Academic Communication, you are welcome to contact us so we can discuss it.“

“The email workshop can also be booked specifically for an office/department/research group, and in those cases we can adapt the content specifically to the group's needs,” Eva Medin concluded.

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