Artistic researchers have exhibition of artefacts

The exhibition premieres on 1 April in Pakistan but will be broadcast live so that anyone can take part. DRAFTS is a group exhibition with 17 different individual/group objects from professors, lecturers, postdoc researchers, and doctoral students from the Swedish School of Textiles. The idea is to present artistic research and its process as expressed through artefacts. 

As explained by Vidmina Stasiulyte, “DRAFTS highlights the research process – thinking, brainstorming, shaping ideas – as expressed through the artefacts of research. Each part of this experimental exhibition shows an example of what a research artefact is or could be.”

The premiere takes place in Pakistan and after that the exhibition will travel through different countries and be shown in different contexts.

How did you get the idea for the exhibition?

“Faseeh and I started by brainstorming together about what we see as research artefacts in our own research process and we realised that we defined them differently. This led to a discussion about what other researchers' interpretations looked like. The subject was captivating and we took it further and planned this group exhibition.”

What is your interpretation of what an artefact is?

“Design research is practice-based and thus closely connected with the experimentation that is embedded into artefacts. It is a process of thinking that is reflected or materialised through doing.”

“This term can be understood in diverse ways. In the research literature it is explained, among other things, as something in between theory and practice; it has also been explained as a stimulating object that expresses the abstract in a concept. The exhibition invites one to see how different research artefacts can be interpreted within the research area of Textiles and Fashion.”

Why is the exhibition important?

“The exhibition DRAFTS opens up a forum for a discussion on what artistic research is and what roles research artefacts have. In addition, it shows topics that are current in research right now.”

The exhibition premieres at the Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design on 1 April at 12:00 (CET) and 15:00 (PST) with live broadcast. 

Show curators: Vidmina Stasiulyte and Faseeh Saleem
Andreas Eklöf, Anna Lidström, Clemens Thornquist, Delia Dumitrescu, Erika Blomgren, Erin Lewis, Faseeh Saleem, Holly Mcquillan, Jan Tepe, Karin Landahl, Karin Peterson, Kathryn Walters, Kristina Fridh, Linnea Bågander, Margareta Zetterblom, Marjan Kooroshnia, Paula Femenias, Riikka Talman, Stefanie Malmgren De Oliveira, Stephan Friedli, Svenja Keune, Ulrik Martin Larsen, Vidmina Stasiulyte.

Facts: The University of Borås is one of only four universities in Sweden that have rights to grant doctorates in artistic research. The University of Borås has this right within the field of Textiles and Fashion. 

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