Borås Students for Sustainability dedicates International Women's Day to an event about menstruation

Illustration about menstruation

Janika Wittje

“It is an event dedicated to International Women's Day and is about sustainability and menstruation. At the event, Karin Högberg, researcher at the University of Borås, will share her thoughts and about period poverty and about her research project Spacerpad, which is about developing reusable menstrual protection and thereby contributing to health, gender equality, and sustainable consumption.

Afterwards, members of Borås Students for Sustainability will share their own experiences of sustainable alternatives for managing menstruation. The event ends with a quiz and a virtual dance party.”

Janika Wittje and Ankita Kanjilal both have a background in the fashion industry and are in a Master's programme in managing textile value chains at the Swedish School of Textiles to learn more about sustainable management in the textile value chain.

What are your roles in Borås Students for Sustainability?

“We have recently taken over responsibility for Borås Students for Sustainability at the Student Union in Borås.”

Why have you chosen to get involved in the Student Union Committee Borås Students for Sustainability?

“We are committed to meeting like-minded people, to gaining more knowledge about sustainability issues, and to enriching the education at the University of Borås through a more practical approach to sustainability.”

Why is it important to get involved in sustainability issues?

“We think it is important to be able to meet like-minded people, to share our thoughts and knowledge to increase awareness of sustainability issues, and to learn from others. Being involved in a smaller organisation also helps to develop your project management skills.”

What else is happening this year in Borås Students for Sustainability?

“We have plans to have events about food waste in the same form as this one about period poverty and we are also planning a mending event about overconsumption in connection with Black Friday. If possible, depending on the restrictions due to the pandemic, we would also like to organise a hike with a local nature organisation.”

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The goal for Borås Students for Sustainability is to link the university's sustainability-oriented research and the university's students closer to each other in the future.

The event “We Love Our Planet. Period." addresses everyone who is interested in sustainability issues.
Date and time: 12 March starting at 19:00.

Read more about the research project Spacerpad