Summer loans

The end of the semester is approaching. We have passed another semester with Covid-19 and social distancing. We continue to hope that very soon the doors will open to everyone and we will all be able to move freely in the Library.

We would like to remind our students who have completed their studies and leave college, not to forget to return their loans. Those of you who continue with your studies in the autumn, and have borrowed books that you do not need during the summer, can also take the opportunity to return them. But if you have borrowed books that you need during the summer, it is OK to keep these as summer brings summer loans. This means that during the summer you do not have to worry about delayed loans as the deadline for return is set at 1/9-21.

Keep in mind that summer loans do not apply to interlibrary loans.

Should have some of you gone "home" and taken the books with you, it is possible to send these by mail to:

Högskolan i Borås 
501 90 Borås 

We wish you all a pleasant summer!