Time to submit nominations for honorary doctors at the university

Fredrik Johansson, business developer at FOV Fabrics, and Andreas Gundberg, business developer at Lantmännen, were appointed honorary doctors in 2021 for their long-term collaborations with the university's researchers in Resource Recovery.

The university's future honorary doctors will be named in January 2022 and will be promoted at the Academic Ceremony on 22 April 2022. Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten would like to encourage all employees to give this some thought and to nominate one or more people who have made a significant contribution to the university's research, education, or other activities.

“Appointing honorary doctors is a way for us to recognise and honour people who have made particularly significant contributions that have contributed to the university's development. Our honorary doctors are part of the university's efforts to maintain contact with and openness for society at large, outside of academia. In this way, our honorary doctors form an important bridge between the university and the world around,” he said.

Here's how to submit a nomination

Only employees at the university are allowed to submit nominations and thereafter it is the Research and Education Board and the Artistic Research and Education Board that, after discussion with the Vice-Chancellor, make decisions regarding appointments.

Nominations are submitted in a sealed envelope to the Reception desk in Balder. Mark the envelope with "Nomination - honorary doctor." Please note that the nominees are not to be informed of their nominations. 

Describe the nominee using a maximum of 1,500 words.

  • Describe clearly and rigorously the nominee's significant contributions and justify why the person should be appointed an honorary doctor
  • Describe clearly and rigorously the nominee's professional background and any other awards received

It is also important to indicate in which research area the person is proposed to be named an honorary doctor. *

Submit your nomination to Reception in the Balder building no later than 15 December.

Who can be appointed an honorary doctor

In order to be appointed honorary doctor, the person must be deemed to have contributed:

  • significant professional achievements in any of the doctoral education areas for which the university has degree qualifications; professional accomplishments may apply to both academic work in relation to the subject and to innovative developments in relation to the professional with practical applications, and/or
  • significant efforts linked to research, education, and other activities conducted within the university and where the person in question has or has had direct or indirect connection to the university.

It is not customary to appoint someone to be an honorary doctor at the same university where they received their degrees(s). The person should also not hold a doctorate from another Swedish university in the same area as the honorary doctorate.

  • * For details regarding nomination, see the policy document "Procedure for the Appointment of Honorary Doctors at the University of Borås" Reg. no. 639-19.

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