Several finalists from the Swedish School of Textiles in the Dorothy Waxman Textile Design Prize

The Dorothy Waxman Textile Design Prize is an annual competition that recognises particularly innovative, creative, and inspiring students in the field of textile and fashion design. During the month of September, which is also New York Textile Month, finalists were selected by a well-known jury made up of representatives from the industry. The finalists presented their creations via Zoom.

One of the finalists from the Swedish School of Textiles was Carolina Sardal Jerhov. She says that the nomination came as a surprise and it took a while to digest the significance of the competition.

“I probably did not really understand exactly what it meant until I got to see everyone else's work during the jury presentations. All the work, all the energy, will, and strong emotions behind all the contributions moved me. I am very proud to be included among them.”

What does this mean for you, your work, and your career?

“That remains to be seen, but I hope that it will have a positive impact on all three,” she said.

The picture shows textile by Carolina Sardal Jerhov.

A significant mark of quality

The Swedish School of Textiles was represented by three students in the final, and was thus the university with the second higher number of finalists. Only Parsons School of Design, in New York, had more.

Saina Koohnavard, acting Head of Department of the Department of Design, emphasised the importance of the competition, both for the nominated students, but also for the international reputation of the university’s programmes.

“We as an institution are extremely proud. It is important for us to make visible different suggestions and examples of expression, to present what fashion design and textile design could mean in current and future contexts. We see the significant creative ability in our students every day, so it is incredibly rewarding and motivating for us when an international competition brings attention to our students' wealth of ideas. It is also very important for us as a university, and to us as educators in textiles, that our educational programmes reach an international platform. It gives us the opportunity to draw international attention to the design processes taking place here,” concluded Saina Koohnavard.

The finalists from the Swedish School of Textiles:

  • Carolina Sardal Jerhov, graduating student, Bachelor's Programme in Textile Design 2021
  • Matilda Sundkler, graduating student, Bachelor's Programme in Fashion Design 2021
  • Zuzanna Wójcik, second-year student in the Master’s Programme in Fashion and Textile Design

On 24 September, the winner of the competition was announced: Natsuki Hanyu from Royal College of Art in London. The prize is, in addition to a recognition of quality and innovative work, $5,000 and the honour of appearing on the cover of Trend Tablet, which is a website for trends and talents in design and design.