Licentiate on computional studies of nanocomposites to be defended

What is your research about?

- The research is about computational studies of carbonaceous polymeric nanocomposites and graphitic structures.

How can your research benefit to the society, environment etc?

-Computational studies can be used as one of the characterization tools to help experimentalists, so that they can make predictions before running the actual experiments and being better prepared for making observations. This means that the time and expenses due to doing an actual experiment will reduce while it has no associated environmental pollution.

How come that you chose this field for your research?

-Computational chemistry is an interesting area of research. For example, it can provide a deeper understanding about materials and giving insight to find efficient alternatives to promote materials properties.

Shayesteh Haghighatpanah

Doctoral student at Chalmers, carrying out her project at the School of Engineering, University of Borås.
Previous studies: MSc in Resource recovery – Sustainable Engineering (energy and material recovery), degree in 2009.
Title of licentiate report: Computational Studies of Graphene Growth and Carbonaceous Polyethylene Nanocomposite.
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