Traineeship in the Netherlands next step for master's student

The dream is to become an entrepreneur in the field of biotechnology and now one more step has been completed on the path for the student Harsha Kankanala who just is about to finish the master’s studies in Recource Recovery – Industrial biotechnology at the University of Borås.

Harsha Kankanala is happy. He has just been accepted as a professional doctorate, a traineeship in bioprocessing, his favorite topic, at the Delft University in the Netherlands, for two years.

“This is an important step for me. My dream is to become an entrepreneur in the life science industry. My plan is to get at least five years of experience in the industry to fill the gaps of knowledge technically”, says Harsha.

Harsha Vardhan Reddy Kankanala
Age: 24
From: Hyderabad, India 
Education: M.Sc. in Resource Recovery – Industrial Biotechnology, 2 years.
Previous education : Biotechnology in Jawaharlal Nehru Technical University, Hyderabad.
Favorite topic: Biotechnology

At the University of Borås he has nourished the passion of the studies in biotechnology, but he has also picked up other valuable experiences.

“I have changed my perspective of thinking, not the least I know now how to go for my own thing. During the time in Borås I have got a lot of support. I was granted a scholarship to cover part of the tuition fee and the staff has shown me great confidence, which has helped me. I also was given a minor lab work as a technician”.

Before he arrived to Borås his experience has followed a straight path on technical studies, but not much of real life, he says.

“The two years here has helped me to develop as a person”.

Well equipped university

His impression of the university was at first that it is a small university, but soon he realized that there are many tools for a student to explore that help you to develop, if you take advantage of them, everything from access to equipment in the lab to a very well administrated university library.

“I got very good guidance from the staff as well as from the helpful doctoral students around me”.

The favorite courses on the master’s programme have been Resource Recovery and Bioprocessing.

“The course bioprocessing helped me a lot to understand the industry”.

Harsha is just about to complete the final thesis project, a one year project about modeling and processing simulation for anaerobic digestion for biogas production. This autumn he will settle in Delft for two years as a professional doctorate.

Text and photo: Solveig Klug

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