School of Textiles lights up furniture exhibition

“We want to show another way of working with textiles than the traditional piece goods,” says Joanna Vikström, one of the students exhibiting in Stockholm.
“This way, we’ll also show all the possibilities there are concerning how people can work with textiles.”

The School of Textiles is part of the University of Borås. Under the theme “Ljus, material och struktur” (Light, materials, and structure), the students–who are in their final year in the Textile Design programme–have drawn nearer to “Smart Textiles”: textile innovations with new solutions. During the autumn term, they have experimented with integrating light into hand- and machine-woven fabrics. Five of the students are now displaying their results in the Greenhouse at the Stockholm Furniture Fair on February 4–8.

“What we’re exhibiting is parts of the experiment, and the investigative work from the course,” Ms Vikström says.

The Greenhouse is the Furniture Fair’s “greenhouse” for the designers of tomorrow.