Researcher Rewarded for Work with Textile Waste

– Yes, it started two years ago in collaboration with the Swedish School of Textiles. I have been collecting textile waste from Textilia AB, supplier of textile services and has clients in health care, hotels and restaurants. My idea was to use the company's textile waste and recycle it to produce a new stronger material. The material can be used in several different composite applications, for example in the automotive industry or construction. The project is called "Reusing textile waste as reinforcements in composites" an article is published in the International Journals. The work has also been presented at an international conference.

How did it feel to get the scholarship?
– I expected that I might get attention for it. It's an interesting project and it is difficult to re-use textiles in a cost effective manner, since it is a mix of several materials. It's also a topical issue because we throw away a lot of textiles today.

– Of course I was also very happy to receive the scholarship. But it is more important to me that the research will be noticed, than that I get the money, it gives me motivation to continue to work with sustainability. Last year, students at the Swedish School of Textiles who got the scholarship. It is particularly gratifying that it has gone to Boras two years in a row.

You have also been elected to the lighter PHD Network for autumn 2015, tell us about that.
– It is a national lightweight arena, offering development, training and networking. Every year 20 students all around Sweden are elected to the network, and next year I become one of them. It's a very good opportunity to be a part of this, I will get to meet many experienced professionals and get additional training in related disciplines. It also gives me the opportunity to visit several companies where I can expand my network.

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Text: Annie Klasén
Photo: Henrik Bengtsson and Colourbox