Excuse the mess – rebuilding in progress

A new stairway leading up to the Student reception and the student lounge with dining hall will be enlarged. Christina Lindqvist, estate coordinator at the university finance department, explains more.

Why is the rebuilding being done?

– We are building a new stairway leading to the student reception at the 3rd floor. The reason is that it has been tricky to find the student reception earlier. Now it will be a lot easier.

How will the landing on the 3rd floor be used?

– It will be some sort or space for the students.

When will the stairway be ready and all of the main entrance available?

– The stairway and the entrance will be ready on the 15th of October. The main reception which was temporarily moved to the 7th floor is already back on the 2nd floor. On the 3rd floor an opening has been made between the student dining hall/kitchenette and the student lounge. Between these two a glass wall will be set up.

When will the student dining hall be ready?

– It will be ready when the semester starts. However, the glass wall towards the student lounge will be a bit delayed.

Text: Solveig Klug
Sketch: Ekvall Arkitekter AB