Sustainable student - towards new partnerships

– It is a development that we are very happy for and it gives us the opportunity to interact with other student unions and organisations, says Elsa Tylstedt and Stina Björquist who both are members of the board of Hållbar student.

In the association, which was established in 2015, students from different educational programmes and with different backgrounds are represented, united by the common interest in sustainability issues.

Sustainability at the student level

Hållbar student works on sustainability from a broad perspective, not only ecologically but also socially and economically. The idea is that a sustainable lifestyle will provide a richer student life, and that it should be easy to live sustainably.

– We try to keep it at a student level, where it should be easy to do that little bit extra. It is about small changes in everyday life. Students can sort their waste, take the bike to the university or buy organic products at good prices, says Elsa Tylstedt and Stina Björquist.

Approximately every two weeks the group meets to discuss projects and activities. Lately they have organised workshops about urban farming to inspire students to grow herbs and easy-to-grow vegetables at home. In the future, they want to launch farming on campus. In all projects they strive for a minimal environmental impact.

– When we printed t-shirts with the association's logotype, we used our own clothes and bought clothes at second-hand stores instead of buying new. It takes large amounts of water and energy in the manufacturing of garments, and we wanted to avoid that, says Stina Björquist.

Everyone is welcome

Everyone is welcome to the Hållbar student association, regardless of educational programme. You can choose in what way and how much you want to get involved.

– If you have an interest in sustainability issues, want to share ideas or just learn something new, we encourage you to come to our meetings. Do not hesitate if you want to be part of a nice community, says Elsa Tylstedt and Stina Björquist.

Hållbar student is present on Facebook and Instagram. There you can find information about the association, meetings, activities and interesting news (mainly in Swedish).

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If you have questions about the Hållbar student association, please contact them via e-mail: