“The time flies by so fast”

In the summer of 2017 Pauline Verdelle will finish her master in General Management of Business Units in France. But until then she has chosen to study a year in Sweden. Since the autumn of 2015 she is studying business and administration at the University of Borås.

– After high school I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. I chose Management of Company and Administration because it was a general education and it was possible to work in a lot of departments like human resources, accounting and supply chain. It was a degree in technology that lasted two years, but after that time it’s really difficult to find a job in France so I decided to take the examination test in order to enter another university where it was possible to have a full year abroad.

Pauline Verdelle
Age: 21
From: The north of France, close to Lille

How would you describe your time at the University of Borås? 

– Such an amazing experience. I was used to study close to my home, so this was the first time I had the chance to go abroad alone and study for a long period. Of course I feel homesick sometimes, but that feeling doesn’t last very long. I live in a student accommodation where most of the exchange students live. So I’m never alone. The time flies by so fast.

Has it been different from what you expected?

– The university system is really different from France. I only have four courses each semester, but it’s a lot of group-projects and books to read. But I prefer this system. I can organize my time as I want and I don’t have to spend the whole day at the university.

– I also expected that studying in English would be more difficult and I have spent a lot of time to read and translate words in books. But the teachers are really helpful and they are always there for us if we have questions.

What’s been your most valuable experience? 

–I think the most important thing will be English as a language. When I arrived it was really difficult for me to take part in discussions. I know that my English still isn’t perfect but now I can have a real discussion in English and be understood. I think that going abroad is the best decision that I ever have taken. I’ve learned so much during this time and if I only have one advice for students who are a bit afraid to make an exchange semester, it will be: Don't hesitate anymore, just apply! You will learn so much more abroad than if you stay at your own university, regardless of the country.

What do you want to work with in the future?

– I don't know exactly, but I would like to work in a supply chain department at an international company. After this exchange year in Sweden I'm not afraid to work abroad. The most important thing for me will be to find a job regardless of the place. If I find it in France, why not? But I will also be happy to find it in another country.

Text: Martin Högqvist
Photo: Private