An early passion for Sweden led to exchange studies

Why did you choose to go for a study exchange to the University of Borås, Sweden?

“Since my early childhood, my family has always spent the holidays in our ’sommarstuga’ in Sweden. I am passionate about the country and its fascinating nature. During my high school year abroad, which I spent in the nearby city Alingsås, I got to know the Swedish culture and educational system. It differs quite a lot to the German one, as it emphasises teamwork and self-dependent learning. I like this a lot. The city of Borås, the origin of the textile industry in Sweden, seemed to me as a perfect city for an Erasmus exchange semester.”

Laetitia Herzog
From: Senden, Germany
Studies and home university: Textile Engineering and Management (B. Sc.) at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede, The Netherlands
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Studies at the Swedish School of Textiles: Textile management 

What are you studying at the Swedish School of Textiles?

”I am studying Textile management.”

What was your first impression when you arrived in Borås?

”Actually, I was surprised by the variety of shops, cafés, and restaurants that the city centre of Borås offers. I did not expect that to this extent. Most people directly think of the big cities Stockholm and Göteborg, when talking about Sweden, but Borås is worth a visit as well. It has both beautiful nature and a cosy city centre.”

What expectations do you have for the study exchange?

”I hope that my study exchange contributes to both my personal and professional life. On the one hand, I would like to get to know the Swedish culture in-depth, get to know the 'typical' life of a Swedish student and of course make new friends. On the other hand, I would like to get the most out of my university courses and gain as much knowledge as possible.”

What is your impression so far?

”I love the student life I am currently experiencing in Sweden. Despite the workload in university, I still have enough time to enjoy the city. Studentkåren, the Student Union, with its various activities contributes to this a lot.”

What do you think about the lectures?

‘I like the combination of theoretical lectures, practical sessions, and group projects that the University in Borås offers. Students learn directly to apply the knowledge they have gained during theoretical modules and the skills they have required during the many practical sessions.”

And about the student life?

”The student life in Borås is very nice. The city has many nice spots to hang out with friends and the Student union offers various activities to participate. Most of the students live in student housing close to the university, so it never becomes boring here. And in case: Gothenburg can be easily reached by public transport within an hour.”

And about the university environment?

”The University of Borås is, in comparison to most German universities, very modern, chic and beautiful. The campus has three big buildings with so many areas for students to relax, have a break, or study. The Textile Fashion Center especially impresses me with the combination of lecture rooms, ateliers and laboratories, offices of companies, and the textile museum.”

Have you found any favourite spots to be at the university and in Borås?

”In the city center I like Café Viskan, where they offer both Swedish ‘fika’ and food. It is located close to the river Viskan with a nice outdoor seating. When it comes to the countryside, I recommend Almenäs. A beautiful beach by a lake with a café, playground and several sports for barbecue, sports, etc.”

I heard you speak come?

”I have learnt to speak and write the Swedish language during my high school year in Alingsås in 2007-2008. It was a nice experience!”

Swedish words

  • Sommarstuga – summer cottage
  • Swedish fika – coffee and treat (cinnamon bun, cake, biscuits etc.)

Text and photo: Solveig Klug