The winners of the Pedagogical Prize

The jury’s motivation: A well-thought pedagogical planning, this course and its teachers motivate and inspire the students to improve their language skills through oral and written presentations, among other things. The course teaching team has created a sense of security before all course elements, which brings about an atmosphere of joy that the students take with them in their future roles as subject teachers in secondary school. In the submitted nominations, the students emphasise that the connection between their studies and their future careers is tangible and clear.

“The motivation is very pleasing to read because it corresponds to the ambitions we had with this course. Winning this prize it a great honour and will serve as a vitamin injections for a long time,” says Anna Hellén, course coordinator.

The students have expressed that they find the course quite challenging in many ways, but they have also received the support they need to meet the objectives.

“Receiving this prize is so fun since it’s based on nominations from the students. It feels amazing that after so many years at the university get a confirmation that you can still make a difference and inspire students to love English and want to teach the subject,” says Richard Baldwin. 

The course English with Focus on Didactics for Teachers Working in Secondary School, I is 30 credits and could be described as a braid with three strands. The first strand is “language”, where the students learn grammar and phonetics as well as train their language skills in terms of oral and written assignments. The second strand is “culture”, where the students focus on the social and cultural context of English in different parts of the world, including fiction and socio-linguistics. The last strand is “didactics”, in which the students are prepared for their future roles as English teachers.

“Our ambition was that the strands should merge, like a braid, in order to form a whole,” Anna Hellén says.

The course teaching team behind English with Focus on Didactics for Teachers Working in Secondary School, I (11EN50) are:

  • Richard Baldwin
  • Helena Bergmann Selander
  • Lars-Gunnar Forslund
  • Anna Hellén (course coordinator)

Text and photo: Josefine Bjuvefors
Translation: Linda Lovecraft