Register a bank account to receive your salary

Because of the importance of banking secrecy, the university’s previous bank Nordea cannot provide your account information to Danske Bank. The HR department does not have any information about employees’ bank accounts.

You must personally complete a registration with Danske Bank of which bank and which bank account you want your salary paid into. This also applies to those who are customers of Danske Bank.

In order for your salary to be paid into your account from April onwards, you must have made your registration by 31 March 2017 at the latest. If you do not register a bank account, your salary will be paid via a postal cheque (giro) that will be sent to your home. The postal cheque can be redeemed at a bank for a fee.

Here is how to register your bank account

If you have an e-ID (e.g. mobile banking ID)

  1. Visit (external link). (Please note that this webpage is only available in Swedish. If you need assistance using this webpage, please contact HR.)
  2. Click on ”Logga in” (Log in) under the heading ”Logga in till Lönetjänst” (Log in to Salary Services). You must use the blue box shown here.
  3. Fill in your Swedish personal identification number (YYYYMMDDNNNN). You do not need to fill in a password.
  4. Choose which e-ID you want to use (mobile banking ID is preselected) and log in.
  5. Go to the heading “Min profil” (My profile) and choose ”Lägg till kontouppgift” (Add account information). This is where you register your bank account.

If you do not have an e-ID

  1. Fill in the form “Danske Bank överföringsuppdrag svenskt bankkonto” (Danske Bank transfer information, Swedish bank account) or “Danske Bank överföringsuppdrag utländskt bankkonto” (Danske Bank transfer information, foreign bank account) that can be found in the Swedish blankettarkivet (Forms Archive). (Please note that only the form for foreign bank accounts is available in English. If you need assistance with the Swedish bank account form, please contact HR.)
  2. Send the form to HR at the University of Borås.  
  3. HR will register your information with Danske Bank.


If you have any questions, please contact HR.
Telephone: 033-435 43 00, 08:30-11:30

Translation: Eva Medin